CORONAVIRUS MEASURES: Haskovo man stays in infectious ward


He worked as a welder in Sri Lanka

One in three Haskovo patients suspected of having coronavirus remains in the infectious ward under preventive surveillance.

Three people from Haskovo and one from Varna have been checked for a coronavirus

This is a man who worked as a welder in Sri Lanka and upon his return to Bulgaria developed bronchopneumonia. His samples were sent for study. The results of the other two patients were negative.

Experts: Coronavirus is not artificially created

“Both patients are in good condition. I hope they will be hospitalized by midday by noon. The actions we take are in the public interest. The fact that these patients have resided in countries that are at risk of the spread of coronavirus makes us obliged to isolate them for a short time, to examine them and, if nothing, to release them to their homes. I think there is no room for panic and overexposure. These are normal measures, we are complying with the requirements of the health ministry, “said the director of the Haskovo hospital, Dr. Georgi Gelov, about the family, who had suspected coronavirus.

The hospital, built for days in Wuhan, received its first patients

“The patient is in good general condition. We expect results by the end of the week at the latest. He had pneumonia, the patient had no fever and cough. He had to be hospitalized in order to be isolated. It came from an area where there was a single case of coronavirus, “explained the infectious ward chief Dr. Kinova.

Reporter: Dimitar Ivanov


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