Coronavirus in China: death toll rises to 722


The number of deaths caused by the novel corona virus in mainland China has risen to 722, according to the Chinese Healthcare Committee. More than 34,500 people are said to have been infected with the virus.

According to this, 34,546 infections with the virus were confirmed in a total of 31 provinces (as of midnight). 31,744 of them are currently being treated medically. 2050 sufferers are said to have recovered.

In the past 24 hours alone, 3,399 new cases of infection had been registered. At the same time, 510 people were released from the hospitals. 86 had succumbed to the virus during this period. The number of people in serious condition increased by 1280 to 6101.

The previous day, the Chinese authorities reported 31,100 infected and 636 dead.

In addition, there were 27,600 suspected cases. 190,000 people who would have been in close contact with infected people would be under medical supervision.

In addition, there were 26 infections in Hong Kong that one person had succumbed to the virus. Ten contagion cases had been confirmed in the Macao Special Administrative Region. One person has already been released from the hospital. On the island of Taiwan, 16 people were infected with the virus, one of whom was recovered, it said.

Outbreak of the novel corona virus in China

At the end of December, authorities in Wuhan City, Hubei Province in China, fixed the outbreak of a lung disease caused by the novel 2019 corona virus nCoV. Chinese experts assume that the peak of the coronavirus epidemic in the People’s Republic should occur in mid-February.

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