coronavirus death toll: corona: death 2700 crossed; US soldier and infectious disease in South Korea – coronavirus causes death outside china


Seoul / Beijing: Kovid 19 (coronavirus) outbreak in South Korea The total number of cases in South Korea rose to 1146 with 169 cases confirmed. A US soldier in South Korea has been confirmed with the virus.

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Meanwhile, China’s death toll stands at 2715. 406 new cases were reported Wednesday in China. On Tuesday, 508 people were infected. There are 401 cases of new infections in the province of Hubei, the epidemic of the virus. China has so far reported 78064 cases of the virus.

In South Korea, out of 169 new cases of the virus, 134 are in Daegu. In the nearby city of North Gyongsang, 19 people were infected.

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The 23-year-old US soldier who was in Camp Carole base camp near Daegu has been confirmed to be infected. He first visited Camp Walker in Daegu earlier this week. US military and South Korean officials said they would track down anyone who came in contact with this soldier.

The number of patients is declining in successive days in China. The number of patients is increasing in South Korea, Iran and Italy. The World Health Organization warned that the virus could reach new countries.

The first coronavirus infection was confirmed in Spain on Tuesday. A woman in Barcelona has been diagnosed with the disease. They had just returned from a visit to Italy.

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Other European countries are on high alert as the virus spreads in Italy. Cities in Italy are steadily declining. Other countries have issued caution to those going to Italy.

The United States urged citizens to remain vigilant in case coronavirus spreads to more countries. A state of emergency was declared in California.

coronavirus causes death outside china

Coronation of death outside China; South Korea and Iran in panic


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