coronavirus: corona: death 1631, newly infected 143; 67,535 confirmed – coronavirus confirms positive for tested diamond princess cruise ship


BEIJING: The death toll from coronavirus is on the rise. The total number of deaths due to the disease so far is 1631. Reports indicate that the number of people diagnosed with the disease in China is 67, 535.

A total of 143 new cases were reported. In Hubei Province, the epicenter of the disease, 2240 people have been confirmed with the disease. The National Health Mission said 139 deaths were reported on Friday alone.
China has recently taken action against officials for failing to deal with the virus. Coronavirus infected people in 25 countries besides China. Coronavirus (Covid 19) has been confirmed by an Indian on board the Diamond Princess, a luxury cruise ship caught at Yokohama Harbor, Japan. 218 people on the ship have so far been diagnosed with the virus. 3711 people aboard. It has 138 Indians, including 132 employees and 6 passengers.

Coronavirus confirms for tested positive for diamond princess cruise ship in third indian

Corona also confirmed the third Indian


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