Corona virus confirmed by three Russian citizens


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Three Russian citizens have been confirmed to have the Corona virus in Kazan.

According to Sputnik, they were transported from the cruise ship “Diamond Princess” to the Russian city of Kazan.

Earlier news of the death of four passengers on the Diamond Princess cruise had been confirmed as a result of the Corona virus.

January 20 Diamond Princess cruise departs for Yokohama, Japan on Feb. 4 for a two-week cruise on the Kagoshima-Hong Kong-Okinawa route, but a passenger in Hong Kong later arrives. It had been infected with the Corona virus.

February 3 The yacht anchors at Yokohama Harbor to examine all passengers. The Japanese Ministry of Health called for the suspension of the ship for a 14-day quarantine. About 3,700 passengers and crew were on board at the time of the first outbreak. Currently, corona virus detection has been confirmed in more than 630 passengers and crew members of the Diamond Princess.

The coronavirus, which began in late December last year in China, has spread to more than 30 provinces and territories in China, including the US, Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, Canada, Sweden, Spain, France. And the United Arab Emirates is also contagious.


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