Corona panic in Gulf The number of confirmed cases in Bahrain has risen to 33


Corona panic in the Gulf. The number of confirmed cases in Bahrain has risen to 33. Bahrain has decided to suspend flights from Dubai and Sharjah for the next two days. Schools in Bahrain and Kuwait have been closed.

Gulf states are preparing to face emergencies when the number of coroners in West Asia exceeds 250. The increase in the number of coroners in Bahrain and Kuwait in a single day has prompted the Gulf countries to take drastic measures. Bahrain and Kuwait are working to curb the disease by reducing flight attendants and shutting down schools. No new coronation cases were reported in Oman or the UAE. Saudi Arabia and Qatar are completely corona-free.

Those who returned from a visit to Iran were caught. Officials say the number of coronation cases in Iran is down. Communication between the health ministries in all the Gulf countries continues. Gulf countries, including the United Arab Emirates, have made it clear that they are fully equipped to deal with any emergency.

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