Corona; Death toll in China rises to 908, nearly 40,000 affected Coronavirus Death Toll


China death toll rises to 900 over China 97 people died of coronary heart disease just yesterday. With this the total death toll in China reached 908. Of the 97 deaths, 91 were from Hubei.

China’s National Health Commission said 3,062 new cases of coronavirus were confirmed on Sunday. While less than 3,000 cases were confirmed on Saturday, the number of confirmed cases has risen by Sunday. With this, Corona confirmed, the total number of people receiving treatment was 40,171.

A total of 444 new cases of the virus have been discovered outside China, outside the province of Hubei, the epicenter of the virus. On Sunday, 3,281 people reportedly left the hospital. Chinese National News Agency reports that 630 people have been hospitalized from Hubei. The government has prepared a great deal of security when millions of people return to work today after the New Year.

English Summary : Coronavirus: Death toll Risks in China


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