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AIn an interview with German television a few months before the reunion, Michael Schumacher said, “Corinna is my guardian angel when she’s racing all the time.”
The watchmaker has not yet given up on the Formula One legend and the hope of returning to life when he fell head over heels while skiing with his son Mike in the French Alps in December 2013. She has been with Schumacher for six years. Along with the epic battle to come back to life.

In August 1995, Corina Betts became the life partner of Michael Schumacher. In the Formula One car race, the seven-time world champion, Schumacher’s family life, was quiet in the shade of Corinna. He has won the World Championship six times since his marriage. The Ferrari and Mercedes could be a surprise.

The star fell into unconsciousness from the heights of fame and wealth. Schumacher was found unconscious for six months on Dec. 29, 2013, in a head injury. In December 2014, she was transferred to her home in Switzerland. The treatment is done by a private medical team. Kata Corina took care of her husband after the accident, as did the watchman in dangerous racing. The confidentiality of the treatment was maintained. There was no room for news.

Only close friends were allowed to see. At the same time, the best treatment available was made possible. Last January there were reports that Schumacher had been brought to Germany for cell therapy.
It’s been six years since Schumacher drove like cars. Corina’s struggles to get back to life faster. It is just love between them.

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