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Coolblue has temporarily disabled all affiliate marketing. The company confirms this after days of speculation. Stopping the program would come due to reduced stock from China. The prices of products are also considerably higher.

The web store confirms to Tweakers that it has temporarily stopped its marketing activities. This concerns affiliate links that appear in price comparisons and on websites, including the Pricewatch from Tweakers. The company also temporarily stops placing advertisements on search engines. The company says it does because of the ‘expected availability problems with suppliers’ from China in the coming weeks and months.

According to the company, production is ‘on the back burner’, partly due to the outbreak of the corona virus SARS-CoV-2. “We are doing this in preparation. If that is no longer necessary, we will fully depress the accelerator again,” the company writes in an email to customers of the affiliate program. The company wants to “dampen sales.” “We do this by marketing as much as possible and adjusting prices.” Large distributors of computer components such as Copaco and Ingram Micro also confirm to Tweakers that they are struggling with supply problems.

With the termination of the affiliate program, many prices at the web store also seem to have become higher. It often concerns increases of around ten to fifteen percent. Coolblue does not mean to say whether these two things are connected. The price may be adjusted automatically due to the limited and shrinking stock. “Our prices can change monthly, weekly and sometimes even daily. This is often automatic and based on various factors such as market price, purchase price, stock and demand”, writes customer service on Twitter.

The confirmation comes after days of radio silence at the company. Last Friday, many customers already noticed that Coolblue had stopped the program. This was not communicated to website administrators, who lost a lot of income as a result. Speculation on social media about a takeover or a hack proved to be unjustified.

Tweakers received confirmation from several IT distributors that stock problems are coming or already happening. For example, Copaco stated that supply problems can be expected with a few brands of ICT products. Ingram Micro also confirmed that there are delivery problems and more problems to be expected. In addition, Tweakers received a notification that Gistron BV and API BV have a limited supply. Tech Data said it did not recognize itself in the reports.

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