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NASA is looking for new astronauts for the Artemis project.

Artemis is a large-scale NASA project that aims to bring humans back to the moon and then to humans on Mars.

NASA has taken various measures to advance this project and is now seeking new astronauts to join the mission’s development team.

NASA has announced March 5 to March 6 this year to be eligible to apply.

One of the requirements for joining NASA is that they must be US citizens and hold a master’s degree in engineering, life sciences, physics, computer science and mathematics.

If a person does not have a master’s degree and has been pursuing a doctorate program for two years, he or she can submit an application form to NASA. This activity must, of course, be in one of the disciplines related to science, technology, engineering or mathematics.

On the other hand, if a person does not have these credentials or if he / she is prepared by June 3, he / she can submit his / her application form provided that he / she has passed the national pilot test program.

Other requirements for applicants are that they must have at least 5 years of relevant experience in the field or have spent at least 1,000 hours piloting jet aircraft.

Last but not least, the applicant has to undergo a long-term physical examination and his or her eyes are not weak at all. Their blood pressure should also be high enough that they do not have trouble landing on the ground.

During the past five decades, NASA has trained more than 5 trainees, who are currently active astronauts.

Not long ago, new astronauts joined NASA to perform the Artemis mission. The group consisted of six women and seven men, including Yasmin Maqbeli, an Iranian astronaut.


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