Considering themselves qualified as “ripoux”, 27 police officers file a complaint against a magistrate


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Police from the Anti-Crime Brigade (BAC) have decided to file a complaint against a prosecutor from Pontoise, reports the press. They consider that they have been defamed by the magistrate.

A total of 27 police officers from the Anti-Crime Brigade (BAC) of Cergy, in Val-d’Oise, filed a complaint against a magistrate, for remarks deemed defamatory. The facts go back to January 27, in an indictment, the deputy of the prosecutor had made a parallel between the methods of the gendarmerie and those of the national police.

“In her closing speech, she said that she appreciated the gendarmes, who had not come into the room to make ends meet, unlike the police, who a priori must make a business hope with outrages and rebellion and with the damages that they can touch in this kind of business ”, explains Ludovic Collignon, departmental secretary of the police union Alliance in the Val d’Oise, quoted by France Info.

Remarks deemed scandalous by the peacekeepers, who declared in a union press release “expect unfailing support from the justice system and not to be defamed in public hearings!”. Ludovic Collignon further specifies:

“By comparing the methods of the gendarmerie and the police, she obviously lost her way a little: she qualified the methods of our colleagues from the BAC of Cergy as methods of ripoux.”

A dissatisfaction which will therefore have led to a complaint, this Friday 7 February afternoon. For the time being, the Pontoise prosecution has declined to comment, the media said.


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