Colombian authorities rule out coronavirus in four travelers from Italy


BOGOTÁ (Sputnik) – Four travelers who arrived in the Colombian city of Palmira (southwest) on a flight from Milan (Italy), one of them with flu symptoms, are not infected with the new coronavirus (COVID-19), they reported the authorities of the department of Valle del Cauca.

“I want to announce (…) that cases of coronavirus have been ruled out in the four people who were in preventive isolation in Palmira (…) so far the part is of tranquility,” Clara Luz Roldán said on the social network Twitter , governor of Valle del Cauca, department to which Palmira belongs.

The four people arrived at the Palmira airport on Tuesday and one of them had symptoms of the flu for five days, so the authorities took them as a preventive measure to a nearby hospital enabled to deal with possible cases of coronavirus in travelers arriving at The air terminal.
“This is a protection measure and we will continue to take these types of security measures in order to detect an eventual case of the coronavirus and prevent its spread. We know that (the virus) will come, but we want to know where to go,” said earlier, María Cristina Lesmes, Secretary of Health of Valle del Cauca.
The coronavirus in Italy has already spread to eight regions, with 400 infected and 12 dead.

The majority of those infected are concentrated in northern Lombardy, the main focus of the outbreak.

In Colombia there are no cases of coronavirus yet; 14 cases were ruled out since the beginning of the year and last Monday the health authorities raised the risk of infection from low to moderate.

Internationally, the coronavirus virus has already infected more than 81,200 people and caused more than 2,700 deaths, mostly in mainland China.

This Wednesday, the Brazilian Government confirmed the first case of infection by the new coronavirus in São Paulo, which is also the first in all of Latin America.


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