Clinical trials of intelligent diagnosis against corona


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Chinese researchers have developed clinical trials of a smart diagnosis system for the new corona virus (Covid-19), according to the local science and technology newspaper.

The intelligent diagnostic system is able to perform both mammography, clinical diagnosis and clinical classification at the same time, said Dong Jia Hong, a researcher with the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

Hong said: “The system can perform a chest examination with a computerized tomography of a large number of suspected cases of the virus in a short time, which improves the effectiveness of the diagnosis significantly.”

He added: “It is hoped that the system will reduce the burden on the work of doctors and enable patients to receive diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible.”

The large numbers of suspected cases of the new coronavirus have placed enormous pressure on diagnosis and treatment.

Tsinghua University in China has established a research team with rich experiences in precision instrument and clinical medicine.


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