CK Vineet’s record too! Ogbeche – bartholomew ogbeche scores the most number of goals in blasters kerala blasters and surpasse ck vineeth


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First win against Bengaluru in ISL

One of the highlights of the Indian Super League’s history is the fact that Kerala Blasters won the match against Bengaluru FC for the first time. The Blasters have not been able to secure a win over Bengaluru in the last two seasons. The verdict was to lose in some matches and draw in other matches. But Blasters has rewritten that history of shame.

Ogbeche broke the Vineet record

Captain Bartholomew Ogbeche has become the highest goalscorer for the Kerala Blasters. Former Blasters player CK Vineet was the top scorer with 11 goals. Ogbeche smashed Vineet’s record of 13 goals for the Blasters.

More goals faster for the Blasters

Another feature is that Bartholomew Ogbeche was able to score the fastest goals for the Kerala Blasters. CK Vineeth has scored 11 goals in 43 appearances over the course of several seasons. But Ogbeche has found 13 goals in just 15 games.

Top scorer of the sixth season

Though the Kerala Blasters were eliminated from the playoffs, Ogbeche was at the forefront of the fight for the Golden Boot. Ogbeche is currently one of only three people to share the top spot in Golvetta. Ogbche continues to advance with FC Goa’s striker Ferran Corominas and ATK striker Roy Krishna with 13 goals.

The next game is Sunday

The Kerala Blasters have only one game remaining this season. The Blasters’ final match will be played against Odisha FC on Sunday 23 April. The match will be held at the home ground of Odisha.

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