Citiridis and Slavi quarreled for Nazarian?


European champion Edmond Nazarian and his famous father Armen appeared almost simultaneously in the two top-rated talk shows on the air last night – with Slavi Trifonov on his “7/8 TV” and on the sofa next to Nikolaos Tsitridis on BBC, noticed .

It took exactly 15 minutes for Armenian fighters, who brought Bulgaria world renown, to move from Levski-G to the National Palace of Culture, as viewers in front of the small screen saw. And in fact, behind this airwave is an unprecedented blunder, the media claims?

Yesterday after landing on home soil, the two Nazarians headed to BBI’s studio – on an invitation a day earlier to visit Long. The champions, however, do not know that Trifonov is no longer in the National Palace of Culture 12 and that he is not on this television at all. However, the sporting family reaches out to you, where they are not just sent, but the young presenter Cytridis invites them to sit on the blue sofas to record the show. That’s how it works. At that moment, the team of Slavi Trifonov called Nazarean father and son to direct them to Levski-G, where the studios of “7/8 TV” are located.

In the end, it turns out that Edmond and Armen were unaware that Long had moved and were very surprised by the news of his leaving the BBC. And the spectators saw the famous champions in both leading, only 15 minutes apart. However, we remind that the two programs were broadcast on record and, in fact, the fighters did not have to travel through Sofia to qualify almost simultaneously in the two programs. Otherwise, the interview with Citiridis lasted only 8 minutes, in which the Greek “flashed” the original question of whether Nazarene was fighting at home, as they were doing with their opponents, and Trifonov gave them over 20.

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