Cisse Severeyns sees Zinho Gano and Kevin Mirallas as possible substitutes for Dieumerci Mbokani – Football news


On Thursday, Antwerp must face a difficult assignment in the semi-final of the Belgian Cup. Because of the 1-1 in the first match, the red shirts must score at least once in the Golden Track stadium and let the most decisive player of the Great Old be suspended just now.

We are of course talking about Dieumerci Mbokani. We explained the situation to Cisse Severeyns, a few decades ago often decisive for Antwerp, and he sees two possible substitutes for the suspended top shooter.

Zinho Gano

“If Dieumerci Mbokani is absent, then that is a big loss for the team,” Severeyns first noted. “He is directly or indirectly involved in about 60% of all Antwerp goals this year. Without him it is more difficult to score.”

A first alternative is Zinho Gano, who came over from Racing Genk this summer. “It is now up to him to see why the club went to get him. In fact, he is somewhat thwarted by a very strong Mbokani. In his absence, he is the logical replacement and must seize the opportunity.”

This is no longer the Mirallas from five years ago.

But Severeyns sees another option to replace the suspended top shooter from Antwerp. “In addition to Gano, I also think of Kevin Mirallas. During his time at Olympiakos, he became a top shooter in a central role.” In the 2010/11 season, the Red Devil scored 14 times for the Greek club and even 20 times the following year.

Even though they were different times of course. “This is no longer the Mirallas of, say, five years ago. He has lost some of his feathers, “Severeyns decided. The 32-year-old attacker himself also wanted to be a little more decisive for the club, even though important duels are coming to prove themselves. Who knows Thursday night …


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