CHP brought the plane crash to the agenda of the Turkish Grand National Assembly: What was done about the findings of the Court of Accounts that said ‘there is danger on the runway’?


The plane crash at Sabiha Gökçen Airport was brought to the agenda of the Assembly. Çetin Osman Budak of CHP stated that there are very serious warnings against possible weather disasters in the audit reports of the Court of Accounts, “What actions have been taken regarding the determinations and recommendations in the 2018 audit report of the Court of Accounts?” he asked.

Republican People’s Party (CHP) Deputy of Antalya Çetin Osman Budak, Sabiha Gökçen AirportEmphasizing that the necessary lessons should be drawn from the last accident in, “Recent disasters face the vital importance of the merit-driver’s license criteria with tragic consequences. The developments also show that it is an urgent imperative to eliminate some deficiencies in airline transportation and airports.” said.

Alert level alerts in the SAI’s 2018 audit report

Budak with CHP, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Cahit TuranBy requesting reply Turkish Grand National AssemblyStating that the plane crash at Sabiha Gökçen Airport has brought up the findings expressed by the Court of Accounts State’s State Airports Authority (DHMI) in the 2018 audit report, he said:

“The most remarkable one of the important problems that the Court of Accounts lists in terms of life and property safety is the inadequacy of the Communiqué on Similar Business Groups in Construction Affairs. In the report of the Court of Accounts; It is said that due to the ignorance of the employees of the contractor company, runway violations have been observed in a way that would violate the safety of flight, life and property ‘.

In a sensitive sector such as aviation, the detection of ‘ignorance of company employees’ is a warning that should be taken into account at the ‘alarm’ level. SAI, ‘All kinds of construction work planned at the airports are special structures that require expertise and experience. Because globally accepted aviation rules are also adopted by the aviation authorities in our country and their compliance is strictly controlled. Fault tolerance values ​​of these facilities are very low and those that are not suitable have a direct impact on the safety of life and property. For this reason, all facilities to be built at the airports should be organized as a separate work experience group.

SAI says ‘there is danger on the runway’

Also in the report, ‘This situation is subject to unauthorized runway violations, leaving materials that will jeopardize the landing and take-off of aircraft on or on the runway, etc. it causes serious problems. In addition, considering the fact that international flights take place at some of the 56 airports operating throughout the country, the problems that may arise by the contractor company employees who do not have sufficient knowledge and experience in flight, life and property safety issues may also damage the international reputation of the organization and therefore the country is marked with possible disasters.

The Court of Auditors warns in the most serious way possible and says “there is danger on the runway”. These are very serious warnings for an inspection report. In order not to experience new disasters, the warnings of the Court of Accounts should be taken into consideration, and they should be carried out urgently and completely. “

What actions have been taken regarding the audit report?

In his proposal, Çetin Osman Budak of CHP asked the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Cahit Turan to answer the following questions:

“What actions have been taken regarding the findings and recommendations in the Audit Report of the Court of Accounts in 2018? Is there any work related to the Communiqué on the Similar Business Groups? what are the provisions? “

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