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Atletico Madrid beat Liverpool 1-0 at Wanda Metropolitan Stadium in the first semi-finals of the Champions League. In the opening minutes of the duel, Saul Niges gave the “mattresses” an advance and that was a success. Diego Simeone’s tactics worked and with hard work in defense his graduates managed to prevail against invincible Liverpool. With this fragile result, everything remains to be resolved during the March 11 Anfield rematch.

Hosted by the warm support of their fans, the hosts started aggressively. In the opening minutes of the match, Corea broke through to the right and centered, but there was no addressee. A further centering of Lodi followed immediately, with Morata in the penalty area, but the striker remained under the ball and failed to hit the ball.

In the 4th minute Atletico found the result. Coke makes a corner kick. In the penalty area, Liverpool’s defenders failed to communicate well with each other, and Fabigno touched the ball, which turned into a pass to Saul Niges, who closely scored on Alison’s net. The situation was then dealt with by the SAR and the hit was taken into account.

The hit inspired even more confidence in Diego Simeone’s graduates. Correa broke through on the left in the penalty area, but his parallel centering did not lead to a new goal in the Merseyside door.

Gradually, Liverpool gained control of the ball and began building multi-pronged attacks. At the same time, the mattresses went home in their midst and relied on their familiar tactics with solid defense and dangerous counter-attacks.

The Merseysides played in their familiar style with a lot of activity from their extreme defenders – Trent Alexander-Arnold and Andy Robertson.

In the 20th minute it was the Scotsman who steadfastly intervened and cleared the ball into a corner kick just in front of speeding Alvaro Morata.

Six days later, Van Dyke made a mistake in clearing the ball just outside the penalty area, which benefited Alvaro Morata. The Spaniard tried to score from a small angle, but Alison brilliantly saved. Immediately after this situation, a serious blunder followed by Jan Cloud at the opposite door. Salah turned to Firmino, but the Brazilian was ambushed and the Egyptian’s subsequent goal was canceled.

In the 29th minute, Andy Robertson took the first shot on Cloud’s door. The Scotsman fired a shot past the left side pole. A minute later, Fabinho tried to threaten the Slovenian from afar, but the shot of the Brazilian was very inaccurate.

In the 35th minute, Sadio Manet’s insistence led to a great opportunity for Mohammed Salah. The Egyptian fired from about 12 meters, but the ball met Felipe’s head and flew into a corner kick.

Gradually the hoops around the Atletico penalty area were tightening, and in the closing minutes of the first half the difference in the combinations of the two teams was huge, but Simeone’s tactics worked fine so far.

In the first half, the Mattressmen demanded a red card for Sadio Manet to strike with an elbow against Sime Varshalko, but Chief Justice Sjimon Marcinek did not show the second yellow card to the Senegalese. It was also the last action for the first 45 minutes.

At the break, the two coaches made one change in their composition. In the game for Atletico appeared Marcos Yorente in place of Toma Lemar, and for Liverpool his place on the ground gave Sadio Manet, who apparently is not fully recovered and received a yellow card in the first half, at the expense of Divok Origi.

The Mattresses started the second 45 minutes, as did the first half. Iorente’s reserve was found in the penalty area and passed to Vrsalko, but the Croat thundered and failed to strike Alison’s door. Immediately after, Angel Correa crosses to the right, but the Brazilian Merseyside watch came out and intervened decisively.

In the 53rd minute, Alexander-Arnold sharply centers in the penalty area, where uncovered Mohammed Salah shoots his head, but a meter from the right side pillar of Cloud.

Liverpool again settled tightly in half of Atletico and besieged the door of the Slovenian goalkeeper. In most of those opening minutes, the whole team of mattresses had gathered behind the center line of the pitch.

In the 68th minute, Stefan Savic brought Angel Corea to the left. The Argentine immediately centers in the penalty area, where Alvaro Morata frees himself from Van Dyke and Gomez’s tutelage, but from the penalty spot the Spaniard slips and fails to strike. It was also the last action for the striker, which was replaced by Vitolo.

Two years later, Atletico Lodi’s left back fired a projectile about 25 meters as the ball passed Alison’s left side pole. Immediately after that, Mohammed Salah gave his place and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain appeared in his place.

In the 73rd minute, Divok Origi centered technically around the penalty spot, Jordan Henderson fired from the air but past the right side pillar of the home side.

Three years later, the Liverpool captain demanded a penalty for Thomas Partei’s hand to play, but there was none, and Chief Referee Marciniak indicated that the game would continue.

Immediately after, Wanda Metropolitan’s stands blew up, welcoming Diego Costa, who returned to play after October 2019.

Jurgen Klop got bad news when he realized he had to replace his injured captain, Henderson, who was injured and James Milner came into play.

In the closing minutes of the match, Liverpool failed to exert more pressure towards Ian Cloud and Atletico felt in their own water. The mattresses kept the ball out of their door and sacrificed their advance sacrificially.

In the added time of the match, Varshalko intervened decisively, clearing a corner kick in front of Roberto Firmino. It was also the last danger at either door and Atletico maintained its fragile advance by winning 1-0.

The rematch between the two Anfield teams is on March 11th.


1: 0 Saul 4


ATLETICO MADRID: Cloud, Varshal, Savich, Felipe, Lodi, Koke, Saul, Thomas, Lemar (46 – M. Jorente), Correa (77 – Costa), Morata (70 – Vitolo)

Coach: Diego Simeone

LIVERPOOL: Alison, Alexander-Arnold, Gomez, Van Dyke, Robertson, Fabinho, Henderson (80 – Milner), Weinaldum, Manet (46 – Origi), Salah (72 – Oxlade – Chamberlain), Firmino

Coach: Jurgen Klop

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