Chinese scientists have found an intermediate carrier for the coronavirus


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Chinese researchers have discovered that pangolins could be intermediate carriers of the new type of coronavirus, according to the CGTN television channel.

A group of students from the Southern Agriculture University and the modern agriculture laboratory in Guangdong province said on Friday February 7 that they had made a breakthrough in the tracking of a possible intermediate carrier of coronavirus , reports the CGTN television channel.

After studying more than a thousand samples of the genetic sequence, the researchers obtained data according to which the intermediate transporter could be pangolin. After performing molecular biological recognition, the scientists discovered that the positive level of betacoronavirus in pangolins was 70%. They then isolated the strain from the animal virus and discovered that the genome sequence of the strain isolated on the 99% corresponded to that which infected humans.

Pangolins are mammals whose elongated body is largely covered with scales because of which they are also called scaly anteaters.

Professor Yun-Yi Chen said at a press conference on Friday that the pangolins may not be the only ones carrying the virus.

“Take for example SARS, in addition to the viverra, other predators can also spread the virus,” said the scientist.

Coronavirus today

The new type of coronavirus detected in China continues to spread to more than 20 countries around the world, killing 637 people. According to February 7 data, the number of people infected with the virus reached 31,261. Following the spread of the virus, the World Health Organization has declared a global health emergency.


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