Chinese Ambassador to Russia: According to the first results, effective vaccine against coronavirus was developed


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Chinese Ambassador to Russia Zhang Hanhui said that Chinese scientists have developed vaccines that are effective against the new type of coronavirus (COVID-19), according to the first results.

Speaking to the Russian press in Moscow, Ambassador Zhang said that according to the first results, Chinese experts have developed an effective vaccine against the new type of coronavirus.

The Chinese diplomat, who said that scientists have made a 3-dimensional definition of COVID-19 and that this is a good basis for developing vaccines, β€œAn immunized vaccine has been developed in China. But for now, more time is needed for checks and additional work. ” he spoke.

The Chinese administration is confident that the COVID-19 outbreak will end soon.

Indicating that the Chinese administration is sure that the COVID-19 epidemic will end as soon as possible, Zhang said that while the virus was transmitted to several hundred people every day, nearly 2 thousand people recovered.

Covidien-19 death rate is decreasing Voicing that he currently falls below 3 percent in Hubey, Zhang underlined that he is 0.55 percent in other states:

β€œI guess (in Hubey) will return to normal order by the end of the month in other states and cities outside the outbreak center. In most states and cities, cases of contamination have been decreasing for 18 days in a row. ”

Domestic production drugs without side effects are successfully applied in China

Pointing out that Chinese healthcare professionals successfully applied locally produced medicines without side effects for treatment, the ambassador said that the effective Soviet medicine used in the fight against malaria also proved to be effective against the virus.

Zhang also stressed that Beijing thanked Moscow for its support and was ready to fight together against the spread of coronavirus disease.


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