China’s Ministry of Health’s decision to stop animal imports: We were surprised, we strongly oppose


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China, Turkey, the start of the new type of coronavirus outbreak of the Asian countries received yesterday ‘live, dead animals, temporarily stopping the import of animal products and by-products’ reacted to the decision.

From the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Ankara in the statement, “We welcome this decision with astonishment. We are seriously concerned and strongly opposed. The World Health Organization explicitly stated that it did not support, or even oppose, its imposition of trade restrictions against China.” Embassies Turkey’s decision Order “is contrary to the spirit of the WHO” The statement said.

“There is currently no evidence to support that the coronavirus can spread with these products.” in the statement called, “If such restrictions implemented it will damage the normal trade order between China and Turkey” evaluation was made.

The statement continued with the following statements:

“After the outbreak broke out, the Turkish side always supported China’s struggle. Our parties jointly cooperate in order to overcome the epidemic. Moreover, the Turkish side’s taking these limitations contradicts its previous attitude.

To tackle the Turkish side objectively and reasonably, to assess the risk in a scientific and appropriate manner, to avoid excessive wrong reaction, to take concrete steps in line with the professional and authoritarian advice of the International Health Regulation, and to fight against the epidemic on the same ship by taking concrete steps. and we call upon to maintain the good course of our bilateral relations. “


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