China to establish quarantine areas in public transport


During the Spring Festival travel intensity, the Chinese Ministry of Transport announced that quarantine areas will be set up to combat the new type of coronavirus (2019-nCoV) outbreak in public transport.

China According to reports in the press, Ministry Official Say Tüencie is to be used in emergencies in vehicles to control the number of passengers in public transportation and strengthen cleaning and sterilization. quarantine area It will be established.

Passengers who show sudden fever and other suspicious symptoms of the disease will be kept in these quarantine areas during the trip and will be directed to the stops where there is a medical screening immediately.
In the country, a holiday was declared until January 31 as part of the traditional Spring Festival, which started on January 25.
However, the holiday, which was first extended until February 2 due to the coronavirus epidemic that emerged in Wuhan and spread rapidly, was extended again until February 9 for sectors other than certain occupational groups.

Number of trips decreased by 70 percent

It is estimated that 400 million trips will be made in this period of the year with the highest number of trips.

Before the epidemic, the travel figure was predicted to be 3 billion.

Due to the epidemic, this year’s Spring Festival travels decreased by 70 percent compared to last year.

In a statement made by the National Health Commission, it was noted that the number of people who died due to the 2019-nCoV epidemic increased to 637 throughout the country, while the number of people diagnosed with viruses reached 31,161, of which 4,821 were in severe condition. The virus was first detected on 12 December in the city of Vuhan in Hubey province.


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