Chilean miners injected money into the failed COP 25 with a clear objective


The Mining Council – which according to Greenpeace is “one of the guilds that generates the most environmental damage in Chile” – invested 2 million dollars in the world summit against climate change that was to be held in December 2019 in Santiago. What were they looking for?

“The law that was created so that companies could finance COP 25 did not generate more tax benefits than the donation law that already exists in Chile. (…) Then the fact that the Mining Council, draws attention, which is one of the guilds that more environmental damage generated in the country, is financing or willing to finance this particular instance, “Mauricio Ceballos, spokesperson for Greenpeace Chile, told Sputnik.
COP 25 was announced with drums and cymbals by the Chilean Government; However, due to the social protests that began on October 18, 2019, the country’s president, Sebastián Piñera, was forced to suspend it.
By then, the Minister of Environment and President of COP 25, Carolina Schmidt, had already traveled to at least 12 countries to negotiate the agreements that would be discussed during the summit.

Agree the information published by the Chilean newspaper El Periódico, during 2019 the undersecretary of the ministry spent more than $ 96,000 in passages for the minister and part of her team. Schmidt flew to New York, San Jose de Costa Rica, Salvador de Bahia, Bonn, Brussels, Madrid, Berlin and Nairobi, among other destinations. Each of these trips were considered “fundamental.”

Travel spending is one of many that were made for the failed summit, among which are also the funds allocated to the construction of the logistics headquarters. The problems in finance led to the resignation of the undersecretary of the portfolio, Felipe Riesco, on Monday 10. According to El Periódico, Riesco decided to leave his position allegedly motivated by financial divergences with Schmidt. Riesco would have refused to sign expenses for more than $ 21 million that the ministry wants to charge against COP 25.
Some of the money that the Government counted to finance the summit came from the Mining Council, a Chilean association that brings together producing companies larger copper, gold, silver and molybdenum. The Council disbursed $ 1 million of the 2 million it planned.
“The Mining Council has historically opposed and made a strong lobby to prevent any laws to protect glaciers in Chile“said Ceballos.

There are currently six initiatives in Congress to legislate to protect glaciers; the oldest have been there for more than a decade.

“All of them have been systematically rejected or their discussion has been postponed. In the cases where progress has been made effectively, it has been sought to subtract all the articles that effectively protect the glaciers … There is clearly the hand of the Mining Council, which has I bet a lot of resources to make that happen, which has enormous power in the media to assert its point of view on the issue, “said Ceballos.


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