Chat with Saranya and her boyfriend kannur toddler death


Police are continuously questioning the mother of Saranya’s lover in the murder of one-year-old boy in Kannur. It is being investigated whether the lover had put pressure on Sharanya to kill the child. The investigating team is also looking into whatsapp chats between the two.

The police team led by the investigating officer, Kannur City CI, has been interrogating the lover of Valiyannur for the past two days. The police had received some clues from Saranya, who is in police custody, against her boyfriend. Despite being questioned on the basis of this, the boyfriend said that he did not insist on killing the baby.

WhatsApp and Facebook chats between the duo are being investigated by the investigating team as there were discrepancies in the statements of Saranya and her lover. Her husband Pranam also confessed that his lover’s involvement in the murder of the baby may be involved. Pranav had allegedly raped his girlfriend at the station last night. Police have asked the boyfriend to appear for questioning again on Friday.

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¬†Toddler murder, Did Kannur woman’s lover force kill her child?

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