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Tonight’s most commercial European Champions League tournament is giving us two more exciting clashes.

The attention-grabbing match will undoubtedly take place in the Spanish capital, Madrid. At 22:00 hours at the Santiago Bernabeu, the hegemony will face off against the Real Madrid champions Manchester City against each other.

Both teams will be fully mobilized to win the tournament. The Royal Club wants to win the 14th Crown of the Champions League, while the “citizens” will risk everything to conquer the European top. For the British, the additional motivation will be the punishment of two years for participation in European club tournaments, as well as the fact that the battle for the title of the island is lost by high-flying Liverpool.

Manchester City easily reached the 1 / 8th finals of the race, winning their Group C after 4 wins and 2 draws.

The same goes for Real Madrid, who finished second in Group A behind PSG. The Royal Club won 3 wins, allowed one loss and collected 2 draws.

The clash between the two teams comes after the Real Madrid fiasco against Levante and the thought of the upcoming El Clasico on Sunday at the Santiago Bernabeu.

Zinedine Zidane will not be able to count on Eden Azar and the permanently injured Marcos Assensio.

Pep Guardiola, for his part, has no problems with his composition and will not have Leroy Sane alone.

Madrid will also rely on statistics that show that they have no loss to Manchester City in their previous 4 matches.

The other 1/8 finale pits Lyon and Juventus against each other, seemingly David against Goliath, but let’s see. At Grupama Stadium, the Bianconeri will be determined to finish everything while away, but the kids should not be underestimated.

The French will come out psychologically liberated and try to prove their class. On the other hand, the Italian grand was once again placed in the favorites list of the tournament.

Lyon qualified for this phase after a difficult battle in Group G with RB Leipzig, Benfica and Zenith. The Kids recorded 2 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses, finishing in second place on the “Lisbon Eagles” point and the Russian Grand Prix.

For his part, Juventus did not experience any difficulties in Group D and after 5 victories and 1 draw won convincingly at Atletico Madrid.

Lyon is not in the best of its current state, ranking 7th in Ligue 1, alternating strong with extremely weak matches.

Juventus is the leader in Serie A and is in a good mood in France. Mauricio Sari graduates will still think about the upcoming Derby derby on Sunday.

The statistics before today’s clash are entirely on Juventus’ side. In the previous four matches between the two teams, the Bianconeri have 3 wins and 1 draw, never losing to the Kid.

Lyon coach Rudy Garcia has many problems as he will not be able to count on Memphis Depai, Rafael dos Santos, Yousuf Kone and Jeff-René Adelaide.

Mauricio Sari will not be able to use Douglas Costa and Merich Demiral, and the involvement of Sami Kedira and Gonzalo Higuain is questionable.

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