‘Cessation of joint military programs with the United States itself to damage Turkey’



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Leonkov Russian military expert, assessed the potential impact on the overall US-Turkey military cooperation of intelligence cooperation programs with the United States to stop Turkey.

Arsenal Oifiestva magazine’s financial manager, military expert Aleksey Leonkov, In his statement to Sputnik, this step of the USA, NATO Incirlik Noting that access to the base may be related to the restriction for American soldiers, “If we are generally applied so far to talk about Turkey-US joint military programs are given the greatest harm to the F-35 program. USA, as it is known, Turkey’s participation in this program, stopped for the purchase of Russian S-400 systems. Of course Ankara could not leave this behavior unanswered and threatened to close the Incirlik base to the USA ” said.

‘The closest bases to which the US can air drones are Greece and Sicily’

all reconnaissance flights along the US war in Syria, attention is not a secret that makes Leonkov territory of Turkey, “However, all the information collected by reconnaissance drones was not always shared with NATO allies. So when some foreign media organizations wanted to publish images about how the US destroyed terrorists in Syrian territory, they took advantage of the images of Russian reconnaissance drones and tried to launch them as the work of the U.S. drones. But it turned out that this is not so. ” used expressions.

Turkey-US intelligence cooperation with the administration of his first Leonkov said they would hit the US itself, “If this break really happens, the closest bases where Americans can ventilate their drone are located in Greece and Sicily. The famous Global Hawk strategic unmanned aerial vehicles are located at the Sigonella base in Sicily ” he added.

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