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Kocaeli Turkey under the tour, Bart and 3 days repeatedly that heavenly concert in Karabük, spoke about his private life. Saying that he has been betrayed once but never cheated, Göksel said that he loves the pain of love.

To the 48-year-old popçu Turkey tour, he spoke about his private life. Saying that love is a difficult feeling to deal with, Göksel said:

“When I fall in love, I lose control. It is a hard feeling to cope with. All my shell is broken. At the same time, feeding such a high feeling to someone hurries me. I want it to go even if it hurts. I love the pain of love anyway. My heart will never be empty.”

Göksel, who made a name for himself with his compositions as well as his beautiful voice, started to flirt with guitarist Osman Şahin last September, and recently released an album called “I Am Fena Asıkım”.


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