Ceara crashes hundreds of flights at Europe’s largest airports



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Authorities in the Dutch capital, Amsterdam, have announced the suspension and delay of more than 210 flights at Europe’s largest airports, due to the approaching storm “Ceara”.

About 120 flights to and from Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport, which is Europe’s largest, have been canceled or delayed due to the approaching storm, “Siara”, according to Reuters.
The authorities in Belgium also made a similar decision to disable more than 100 flights to and from Frankfurt International Airport.

The storm, “Cearra”, which is moving from the Atlantic Ocean at more than 100 km per hour, is expected to arrive in the coming hours.

The Dutch Meteorological Institute issued an alert early Sunday afternoon, as the storm Ceara is set to start hitting the Dutch coast after crossing Britain overnight.

All Dutch professional football matches have been canceled, along with most outdoor sports events.

Winds of 100 km per hour were recorded just after midday in the Netherlands, and winds are expected to reach 140 km later on Sunday.

The authorities have warned that public transport and road traffic may be disrupted due to local floods and broken trees.

The Dutch authorities also recommended that all citizens remain in their homes and not go out unless absolutely necessary.

The authorities in Germany and Britain have issued a decision to postpone matches in the German and English football league.


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