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Geoffroy Gersdorff is no longer the Secretary General of the Belgian division of the French supermarket chain Carrefour. Since 10 February he has been working as Director Goods and Supply Food.

Specifically, Gersdorff will be responsible at the French headquarters for the Carrefour own brand, the fresh products and the Socomo, the group’s purchasing center for fresh products. His duties as Secretary-General are divided among the executive committee of Carrefour Belgium. This is reported by the retail website Gondola.

The Secretary General is not the same as the CEO at Carrefour Belgium. A change also happened there recently: CEO Guillaume de Colonges made way for Fran├žois-Melchior de Polignac.


Turnover (2018): 4.6 billion euros.
Operating result: -36 million euros (including 110 million euros one-off costs due to restructuring).
Net result: -55.6 million euros.
Employees: 10,087.
Stores: 40 hypermarkets, 451 supermarkets (Market) and 303 neighborhood stores (Express).

The latest quarterly figures from Carrefour were not to write home about. In 2019, sales fell by 1.5 percent. Sales in the Belgian Carrefour stores have been declining for years, despite restructuring and marketing campaigns. “I would say that we should be able to grow again in 2020,” Gersdorff told De Tijd in November.

Geoffroy Gersdorff has been working for Carrefour for 23 years.


Gersdorff has been Secretary General since December 2017. The French-speaking Belgian studied bioscience engineering at UC Louvain and management at Solvay Business School. He has been working for Carrefour Belgium since 1997. In 2011 he worked for two years at the headquarters in Paris, in 2013 he returned to Belgium. Here he was 3.5 years commercial director and nine months director hypermarkets.

“Gersdorff has strong expertise thanks to his experience in Belgium and France, more specifically as Goods Director, and at the Carrefour group level to develop international private brands,” Carrefour responds.

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