Cancellation of EU nuclear weapons: Macron wants to keep nuclear arsenal under national control


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After Brexit, France remains the only nuclear power in the EU. But Paris does not want to share its national nuclear arsenal with other partners. Head of state Emmanuel Macron made this clear on Friday.

French President Emanuel Macron announced that his country would remain outside the NATO NATO nuclear planning group. “France is not participating in the Alliance’s nuclear planning mechanism and will not participate there in the future,” said Macron at a keynote speech on the defense strategy in Paris on Friday.

At the same time, the nuclear power France wants to offer interested European partners a greater insight into their nuclear deterrence. Macron suggested that anyone who wanted to could participate in a “strategic dialogue” and exchange on the role of French nuclear deterrence and, for example, in exercises by the French forces.

In doing so, he put a damper on the idea of ​​Union parliamentary group leader Johann Wadephul (CDU). It was only on Sunday that Wadephul called for Franco-German cooperation with regard to nuclear weapons. “Germany should be ready to participate in this nuclear deterrent with its own capabilities and resources. In return, France should put them under joint command of the EU or NATO, “said the CDU politician in an interview with the” Tagespiegel “on Sunday.

In his keynote speech, President Macron also insisted that Europe should act much more confidently in its defense and thus make itself more independent of the United States. But France is convinced that Europe’s long-term security depends on a strong alliance with the United States, the head of state said.

In 2009, after years of absence, France had returned to the integrated command structure of the powerful military alliance, but stayed out of the Nuclear Planning Group.

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