Canceled duels cause enormous headaches at KNVB


                The KNVB soon found a new date for FC Emmen against FC Twente and Sparta against ADO Den Haag. Those games will be made up for tonight (Tuesday). What is much more difficult is finding new performance dates for FC Utrecht – Ajax and AZ – Feyenoord. As a result of the overcrowded program, that is simply impossible for the KNVB.

There is simply no hole in the agenda for those competitions. As long as AZ and Ajax are active in the Europa League and the KNVB Cup mid-week, there is never room to catch up with the duels in the mid-week. As a result, the KNVB quickly gets stuck between the last Sunday (May 10), the play-offs, the European finals and the European Championship.

Heinrich Welling explains it on behalf of the KNVB Algemeen Dagblad that it is indeed not too bad. “With every conceivable option you automatically get a snowball effect,” he says. “We deal not only with the clubs in question, with supporters, but also with the police and government, with the rights holders and with the other clubs.”

Ajax was unexpectedly far in Europe last season and that also caused headaches at the KNVB. As a result, new arrangements were made with the clubs in the summer. “That also has consequences for midweek options in the rest of the season,” says Welling. “The KNVB is for the clubs, and the clubs have all kinds of wishes that we try to take into account. They do not want to start too early in the holidays. They want a large winter break to go to training camp, and to take foreign boys to They prefer to have as few midweek play rounds as possible, and they don’t want to ‘double’ too often, two home or away duels in succession.

It could help if AZ and Ajax are eliminated in Europe. Then there is a little more play in the agenda, Welling knows. “But even then we are not there yet. UEFA has also determined that in terms of time you should never overlap with a Champions League match. That means that we can only play those duels at an early time on a Wednesday. For that we will also must first consult with all parties involved. ”

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