Can Mike Bloomberg buy the Democratic Party nomination?


The Democratic nomination is very close, which takes advantage of billionaire Mike Bloomberg, former mayor of New York with a fortune of about 62,000 million dollars, to spend 200 million on advertising and try to buy his nomination. Senator Lindsey Graham, Trump’s confidant, judges that Bloomberg will have great weight in the election.

US democracy – which is not because it is a genuine prototocratic plutocracy– leaves much to be desired, and the increasingly likely sale of the nomination by billionaire Mike Bloomberg – three times former mayor of New York for both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party, which denotes saltinbanquism without early political class close to the New York interests of Wall street– it will further tarnish its electoral dynamics plagued by frauds and digital failures of the system that inflates, deflates and reinflates the candidates to pleasure according to the interests of the establishment, in this case, of the Democratic Party.
The foul display of the business triplet Shadow / Acronym / Patronym that controls the mega-speculator George Soros left in such ridiculous the Democratic Party that even its president in Iowa resigned out of shame.
In Nevada they have been cured in health and do not accept the vitiated digital system of Shadow / Acronym / Patronym.

The emergence of the 78-year-old Socialist Democrat Bernie Sanders and idol of millennials, is being slowed by the establishment through the artificially exaggeratedly inflated candidacy of former Mayor Pete Buttigieg, 38. He was a Pentagon spy in Afghanistan and graduated from Harvard University, and controls the elites of the Democratic Party.

At the cash cut today, after the fraudulent caucus of Iowa and the New Hampshire primary, Bernie Sanders today finds 12 delegates behind the 13 Buttigieg, although he has obtained a greater number of votes at the popular level.

Before the collapse of former Vice President Joe Biden due to the mafia talks of his son Hunter, now the establishment try or try to get Sanders and Buttigieg to tear each other apart to put a third party in discord, which would be Mike Bloomberg. You can pick up a sufficient number of delegates in the super Tuesday of March 3 in order to direct the Democratic Party Convention to two options: grant the candidacy in case it obtains a substantial number of delegates or redirect the vote for whom the establishment consider less harmful to their interests and thus curb the momentum of Sanders.
The Israeli-American Michael Rubens Bloomberg – the ninth richest man in the United States and the tenth in the world – trained at the prestigious Johns Hopkins University and Harvard Business School to later become an insurance broker at Salomon Brothers, which was transmuted into the investment branch Salomon Smith Barney – dotted with multiple financial scandals – from CitiGroup.
Bloomberg’s immense fortune — almost 62,000 million– It came from its global financial services with a computer software system that provides financial data of its famous company Bloomberg LP.

Interestingly, Bloomberg was the successor of Rudy Giuliani – Trump’s private attorney and who keeps the secrets of the September 11 attacks – elected mayor in 2002.

Since his divorce, Bloomberg maintains a 20-year relationship with his partner, Diana Taylor, who was superintendent of banks in the State of New York.

The very influential senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, in addition to being one of Trump’s main confidants, admitted that Bloomberg will be “a force to be recognized” in the presidential campaign and that “it can cause some harm” to Trump with his immense fortune, even if he is not the Democratic nominee: “I think he was a good mayor” and that “with 60,000 million he can tell his own story”, recognized.
Openly the nomination candidates, Senator Elizabeth Warren, who has been very opaque, and Sanders have whined that the billionaire ex-mayor of New York is going to buy the nomination at the Democratic Convention to be held from July 13 to 16 in Milwaukee ( Wisconsin).
Bloomberg entered the race late, but has spent so far 200 million dollars to appear as a candidate in the super Tuesday, when several states vote simultaneously to designate their delegates.

In the opinion of Senator Graham, in case Bloomberg picks up several delegates in the super Tuesday, a negotiated convention can be generated to fill the void of the hitherto failed candidate Joe Biden.

Graham values ​​that “the energy of the Democratic Party remains with Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont” when “the Democratic Party tries to find its identity between socialism, liberalism and moderation, and all energy seems to be with Bernie.”

Graham judges that “he does not believe that the Bernie voter can accept a Bloomberg candidacy.” It is clear that Trump, Graham is not told, is in favor of a candidacy of the Socialist Democrat Sanders, who may be easier to defeat – due to the anathema and exorcism that prevail in the US against socialism – than billionaire Bloomberg, who is willing to invest 1,000 million in his candidacy and who can put Trump in serious trouble.
Tom Barrack, a close friend of Trump and former head of his Inaugural Committee, said Bloomberg “would be a fabulous president.” He says he meets Bloomberg, who was an “amazing mayor”, besides having “a first class business, he’s smart, thoughtful and doesn’t need anything.” He adds that the simple fact that Bloomberg can self-finance his campaign is a sufficient reason to take his candidacy seriously. Finally Barrack argued that Bloomberg is going to compete to win and not just to harm Trump.
By the way, for two months I had a glimpse of the high probability that two New York billionaires compete for the presidency: Trump for the Republican Party and Mike Bloomberg for the Democratic Party.

According to him New York Post, Bloomberg has channeled part of his fortune into a new strategic campaign by placing strange memes on Instagram to try to capture the millennials and prove that he is not a callous person.

The billionaire has fully entered the digital battle and paid $ 150 to several influencers to be seen as someone cool.

The digital battle between Trump, 73, and virtual candidate Bloomberg, 77, has already started on Twitter in a genuine septuagenarian lawsuit.

Trump scoffed at Bloomberg calling him “Mini Mike” for not reaching half his height and lacking energy. To which Bloomberg replied saying that Trump was “a carnival barking clown” and remembering that he has “the record and the resources” to defeat the tycoon. “And I will,” he said.

The levels of drainage that policy has reached in the US, more fractured today than ever!
Bloomberg snapped Trump that the elite billionaires – like Rupert Murdoch, more than Fox news Y Wall Street Journal, Y Jamie Dimon, hierarchy of JPMorgan Chase– Trump teases him behind his back for having made bad investments in his real estate.
In case Bloomberg picks up, if not buy, the nomination of the Democratic Party, it will settle even more than in the US there is no democracy, but a prototocratic plutocracy.



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