Cacerolazo against Duque government for killings of former FARC combatants


The Revolutionary Alternative Force of the Commonwealth of Colombia, carried out a pan against the systemic murders of former combatants under the peace process. The senator of the Colombian Armed Forces (FARC) Victoria Sandino, said that it is a genocide against former combatants.

“It is the response we ask the national government, because since the government and its Democratic Center party were campaigning, they stigmatized us, accused us, generated so much hatred. Today nobody responds to the murders, to the genocide looming against our companions, 190 murders carried out with a systematic pattern, “denounced Sandino.

“Our companions are killed in the territories where peace is being worked on, to move families forward, that is what happens in Colombia with the signatories of the Peace Accords,” said the senator.
He said that in the departments of Nariño, Cauca, Antioquia, Putumayo, northern Santander, are the regions where the highest number of murders of ex-combatants occurs.
The day was held in the emblematic Park of Journalists, located in the center of Bogotá, and had the participation of various organizations defending Human Rights, who accuse the government of Iván Duque of ignoring the existence of paramilitary nuclei in the territories.


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These and other issues in this edition of ‘500 million’.


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