Bye! “Man-plaining” shooter Mei Li Vos leaves the union after criticism from party members! – The Daily Standard


Do we all remember her? Mei Li Vos, unimportant and meaningless yet party leader of the PvdA in the Senate. In addition to this great position, she was also a high pipo at a trade union, and her party members rightly stated that this is not possible. Such a double role only causes conflicts, and so it only distances itself from the trade union.

It is remarkable that she was allowed to keep the dual role all the while, but with the elections in sight, the PvdA thought it would be just as good. Vos was one of the founders of AVV, Alternative for Trade Union, of which she was recently vice-president.

For years there has been much criticism of the many additional positions that Senators have, and the PvdA can also do something about it. Vos herself says that she will stop so that she can fully focus again on politics.

Beautiful! Now she can finally do some work again as a representative of the people, as long as she doesn’t intersect with intersectional terms like last year. Because nobody is happy about that, even her own supporters don’t understand anything anymore.

Fortunately it did deliver this golden moment, a pathetic story that only good people can tell!

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