Button thinks Hamilton and Mercedes will come out soon


                Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes sometimes agree on a new Formula 1 contract. That is what former world champion Jenson Button expects. According to the Brit, both parties need each other to continue to perform well.

The position of Mercedes on the drivers market has come under considerable pressure after the news about the contract extensions of Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen. With drought in their own ranks and a lack of good young drivers on the market, it seems more than likely that the Silver Arrows will continue with Lewis Hamilton after 2020. Various media subsequently reported that the six-time world champion would demand an exorbitant salary.

According to Button it is all a lot more nuanced and Hamilton and Mercedes know better than anyone what they can do to each other. “Lewis has done great in recent years, he has always received a car from Mercedes to fight for the world title,” said Button at Sky Sports. “He finished it. I really hope that he will get more opposition from other teams this year, I think he likes that too. He also wants to feel that he is fighting great drivers such as Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc ”

Mercedes has also always delivered in the title fight, Button notes. The Brit knows that a driver without a well-functioning team and an excellent car does not stand a chance of honorary metal. “You also have to look at it from the other side. They gave him a car at Mercedes where he could win those world titles. That [een dergelijke combinatie] is not easy to find. I don’t think he has all the cards. To be honest, I expect them to agree a new deal fairly quickly and well. They both want the same thing. They win championships together and I don’t think it’s a big issue at Mercedes. They can try and Lewis may try to get the best out of it, but it’s a great collaboration. I think it must continue to exist. “

Important year for Red Bull

Button previously ruled that Ferrari has a very strong duo on paper for the world title, but on the other hand 2020 is also the year of truth for Red Bull Racing. The first signals with engine supplier Honda were promising, but the confirmation must be paid in 2020 with a world title. Button: “Red Bull did a great job last year with the new motorcycle supplier. This year is very important for them and they have to fight for the world title. Max Verstappen is very experienced despite his young age and is one of the natural talent dear drivers. His new teammate, Albon, has now had one season and already two teams. Hopefully he can really show something this year, because we haven’t really seen how good he is yet. ”

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