Brigitte Macron, presented in superheroine, flies to the rescue of her husband in a clip in animated format – video


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The singer Olivier Miller released a clip in animated format presenting Brigitte Macron disguised as a superheroine flying to the rescue of the President of the Republic in front of her detractors. The artist thus wished to denounce the numerous criticisms of which the first lady was the subject.

On February 17, singer and songwriter Olivier Miller released his latest track, accompanied by an original clip. He presents Brigitte Macron in “Superwoman”, red cape and black mask, flying to the rescue of her husband in front of a hostile crowd, while the artist repeats the refrain “Brigitte, I love you”.

Asked by the HuffPost, Olivier Miller indicates that his song was “born of an observation” according to which the relationship of the presidential couple was “badly perceived”. He wanted to denounce the criticisms based on sexism of which the first lady is victim by reversing the usual role of the superhero who saves the young lady in distress.

The artist will release his next album titled “Rose” this summer, of which “Brigitte” is the second song. The first single was released in November, with a clip showing a working-class neighborhood in which locals celebrate their diversity.

Insults towards Brigitte Macron

Brigitte Macron, 66, has been the subject of many insults since her husband came to power as President of the Republic. His age difference of 24 from the President has often been put forward by his critics.

Last summer, she was even mocked at her physique by Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and his Minister of Economy Paulo Guedes, causing outrage from both the Brazilian and French peoples.


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