Breathtaking: Self-driving “Back to the Future” car drifts around the curves – video


Engineers from Stanford University, California, have converted a 1981 DeLorean into a self-driving drift car. It managed a kilometer-long drift circuit all by itself, as can be seen in a YouTube video.

The DeLorean DMC-12 achieved particular fame in its representation as a time machine in the Film trilogy “Back to the Future”. The name of the project – MARTY (Multiple Actuator Research Test bed for Yaw control) – is reminiscent of one of the main characters in the films, the youngster Marty McFly.

The converted car has one according to Message the university on electronically controlled braking, acceleration and steering systems. There are GPS antennas on the roof of the vehicle, which can be used to locate the car position down to an accuracy of 2.5 cm. Thanks to an on-board computer, MARTY only needs a few seconds to calculate the optimal route.

The images show how the car completes the circuit with the perfection of a drift professional in cross drift. There are two engineers in the vehicle, Jon Goh and Tushar Goel, but they do Not to steer.

Basis for future safe evasive maneuvers of self-driving cars

The team sees the spectacular attempt as the basis for making autonomous driving safer. Slippery roads and rapid evasive maneuvers, such as when pedestrians suddenly get into the road, should be better mastered based on the experience from the MARTY project.

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