Breast study shows what women worldwide think of their stem


Most women worldwide are not happy with their cup size – this was the result of the latest study by an international team of researchers, which was published in the journal “Body Image”.

As reported by the German media on Monday, only every third woman is satisfied with her breasts. Just under half (48 percent) of the women would like a larger bust size. Almost a quarter (23 percent) would like to give away some of the stem.

Dissatisfaction with their own breasts, according to the study, can have a negative impact on the mental and physical health of women. By breast unhappy women have indicated to scan the organ less frequently for changes, which is in the context of the early detection of breast cancer is particularly worrying. It is precisely this type of cancer that most often leads to death among the female sex worldwide. Scientists associate the survival rate with this disease with low breast awareness.

The general well-being and satisfaction with one’s own appearance are also lower in these women.
In order to stop the widespread frustration, social and political initiatives are necessary that “question patriarchal structures that link the value of women to their physical appearance,” quotes from the article.
However, the ideas about the ideal differ breast size from country to country. Women in India, Pakistan, Egypt, Lebanon and the UK defined the ideal breasts largest by international comparison, it said. In contrast, in Japan, the Philippines, Germany, Austria and Malaysia, comparatively smaller breasts were described as desirable.

More than 18,500 women in 40 countries were interviewed for the study. The average age was 34 years. Nearly 400 women were interviewed in Germany. 54 percent of them would like a larger breast, 20 percent a smaller one, 26 percent are satisfied.

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