Brazil’s lower chamber head points to Bolsonaro for promoting action against Congress


RIO DE JANEIRO (Sputnik) – The president of the Chamber of Deputies of Brazil, Rodrigo Maia, accused President Jair Bolsonaro of creating institutional tension by promoting protests against Congress and the Federal Supreme Court.

“Creating institutional tension does not help the country to evolve; it is we, the authorities, who have to set an example of respect for institutions and the constitutional order; Brazil needs peace and responsibility to make progress,” Maia wrote in her Twitter account.

Maia added that only democracy is capable of absorbing without violence the differences of society and that above all and everyone there is respect for democratic institutions.
Bolsonaro shared in private WhatsaApp groups messages of support for calls to protest on March 15 against Congress and the Federal Supreme Court, which bear the slogan “Brazil is ours, not the usual politicians,” according to Folha de S newspapers Paulo and the State of São Paulo.
Bolsonaro’s most radical supporters are calling for these protests alleging that Congress is mostly made up of corrupt parliamentarians who put obstacles to the tasks of the ultra-right government.

The country’s main political leaders, both from the left and from the center and the moderate right, criticized Bolsonaro’s supposed support for those protests organized by his followers.

The president did not deny the existence of these messages and said in social networks that they are assumptions of the press with the intention of causing disturbances.


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