Brabant’s nitrogen policy: everything is possible now that there is no longer a coalition


Friday can be the most bizarre day since ages in Brabant politics. Such a day when you as D66, PvdA or GroenLinks go to the ball with your VVD girl while you know that she ends up at the end of the evening, because she prefers to go with your neighbor because he has just a little more money. And that on Valentine’s Day.

Once again, Brabant’s nitrogen policy is on the agenda of the Provincial Council. In December this topic was the prelude to unprecedented political chaos in the Den Bosch administrative tower.

This regulation regulates the moment at which farmers must submit the application for an environmentally friendly stable. Until December it was agreed that farmers should submit the application before April 1 of this year. Then four of the five coalition parties (VVD, D66, GroenLinks and PvdA) submitted a motion to postpone the deadline. Coalition partner CDA did not participate, that wanted to get rid of the deadline and eventually broke with the coalition.

VVD, Forum for Democracy and CDA are now discussing the formation of a new coalition. These parties together do not have just enough seats for a majority, so a fourth party is needed. The fact that cooperation with Forum is a serious option in Brabant, caused a great deal of stir in the past week. Moreover, it seems that under the new coalition the demands on the farmers will be further weakened.

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