Boycott from lawyers in Istanbul to tea houses in courthouses: ‘Courthouses turned into shopping malls’


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The Istanbul Bar Association decided to boycott the lawyers until price equality was achieved on the grounds that the food and beverage prices in the courthouse were too high for judges, prosecutors and court personnel. Istanbul Bar Association President Mehmet Durakoğlu said that the courthouses turned into shopping malls as a result of tenders.

Istanbul Bar AssociationSome lawyers have taken action, following the announcement of the decision to boycott the cafeterias in the courthouses due to the high food and beverage prices.

Head of Istanbul Bar Association, who came to the Anatolian Courthouse upon the boycott decision of the baron Mehmet Durakoğlu, bar managers and a group of lawyers distributed their brochures about the boycott decision to their colleagues in cafes and restaurants in the courthouse.

Speaking to journalists later, Durakoğlu stated that the tender was opened for all kinds of food and beverage sales at the courthouses, and that the courthouses turned into shopping malls as a result of the tenders and the services provided there were directed to commercial purposes.

‘We will continue the boycott until equality is achieved’

Expressing that there are differences as a result of commercial understanding in a very large part of Istanbul courthouses, Durakoğlu said that these differences cause serious problems, especially for lawyers, which are courthouses.

Durakoğlu stated that the firm, which received the tender, sells tea to judicial staff and judges-prosecutors for 1 lira 25 kuruş, lawyers for 3-3.5 liras, coffee with staff for 3 liras for judges and prosecutors, and lawyers for 8-9 liras, “Due to the fact that we were being treated differently from the judge and the prosecutor and that this treatment was directly directed to a commercial understanding, we had to take us to such a boycott today because of the results we could not get despite all the warnings we had.” used expressions.

Durakoğlu stated that they are protesting inequality, “We will continue this boycott until equality is achieved. We think that we should be on the same spot with judges and prosecutors.” said.

Following the boycott decision, free tea was distributed to lawyers in the bar room at the courthouse.

Free tea from lawyers in the square

A group of lawyers, members of the Contemporary Lawyers Association, who set up a booth with the support of Şişli Municipality in the square opposite the Istanbul Palace of Justice upon the boycott decision of the Istanbul Bar Association, supported the decision by brewing tea in a large samovar.

Lawyers distributing free tea to those passing by the courthouse invited other colleagues to the boycott.

lawyer Kivanc Kayaooglu stating that they have established a tea stand to support the boycott, “Boycotts have begun not only for lawyers but also for citizens because of the high price. A glass of tea is sold to citizens and lawyers for 4 liras. It is sold to officers for 1 or 2 liras. Almost half the difference. We support it to the end.” said.

Lawyer Leyla Han Tüzel, Explaining that the boycott is due to the high prices in cafeterias given to businesses, “The other reason is that the courthouses are not seen as our workplace and that the citizens who come here are treated like customers. We are doing business here from morning to evening. Our work areas are here. Citizens coming to the courthouse also come for their hearings.” he spoke.

Stating that they will distribute the tea for free until the problem is solved, “Tea is given in the bar rooms in the courthouse. The lawyers that I have observed comply with the boycott decision. The hearing, the colleagues can come and drink tea between noon. The boycott decision will continue until the matter is resolved” used expressions.


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