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Botev Vratsa defeated Arda 3-1 at Hristo Botev Stadium, thus cooling the ambitions of the guests for a place in the Top 6. The hosts discovered through Alassana N’Diye. The visitors returned to the match with a hit by Svetoslav Kovachev, but shortly thereafter Petko Ganev scored a second goal in favor of the players. In the second part Botev increased their lead with a goal by Ilia Milanov, which was enough for the victory.

The home side started aggressively pressing their opponents, causing the game to be a bit of a stalemate at times. This immediately resulted in a result.

Already in the 3rd minute Botev Vratsa discovered the result. Tom centers on a corner kick. Elijah Milanov fought his way into the penalty area and passed to Alassana N’Diye, who scored with a close header in the bottom left corner of Karadjov.

Arda tried to return quickly to the match and settled permanently in half of the players. Hristo Mitov was twice threatened with a corner kick, but the goalkeeper dealt with the dangers and the result remained unchanged.

After 12 minutes, the home side was awarded a penalty. Vladislav Uzunov was left in a clean shooting position, but the midfielder failed to strike an accurate shot at Karadjov’s door and the ball went out.

Three later Angel Lyaskov drilled an excellent shot to the left and centered on the back beam, with Tom firing his head but over the crossbar.

In the 19th minute Arda leveled the score. Svetoslav Kovachev was brought behind the back of the defense. The wing outplayed Ventsislav Kerchev, who was about to stop him, and left Hristo Mitov in the lower right corner.

Immediately after the equalizing goal for the guests, Botev could again come forward in the result. Peter Atanasov found Daniel Genov at the border of the penalty area. The wing mastered and fired a meter along Ivan Karadjov’s left side pole.

In the ensuing minutes, both teams continued at a high tempo, and the game moved quickly from one goal to the other.

In the 27th minute Botev Vratsa again led. Tom centers from a foul in the penalty area, where Arda’s defense failed to respond well, benefiting from Petko Ganev. The defender stood alone against Karadjov and coolly scored. But the home side’s defender was ambushed because the ball was passed to him by Alassane N’Dayer.

The hit gave additional confidence to the graduates of Antoni Zdravkov, who practiced deep press in the next minutes. However, Arda managed to get out of the difficult situation and take the game forward.

In 36 minutes, Arda striker Spas Delev decided to shoot directly from a 30-meter free kick, forcing Hristo Mitov to intervene decisively and gently to hook the ball that met the beam behind him. A great blow to the away footballer.

The closing minutes of the first half slowed down as the game was torn off by fouls and misplayings by both teams.

At the break, the two coaches made no changes in their composition. Botev Vratsa again pressed his opponent in the opening seconds. Gradually Arda regained control of the ball, but found no free space at the door of Hristo Mitov.

Guest coach Stamen Belchev reacted immediately and included the offensive Ilisha Sam and Lukas Martins into play at the expense of Emil Martinov and Alexander Georgiev. This opened up spaces for the hosts. Petar Atanasov got a great opportunity, but Ivan Karadjov intervened decisively and struck a corner kick.

In the 65th minute, the home side scored the third goal. Tom centers well in the corner from a corner kick, where uncovered Ilia Milanov heads up.

The hit discouraged the guests and the graduates of Antoni Zdravkov could instantly benefit from it. Peter Atanasov was brought behind the back of Arda’s defense by Alassane N’Diye. The wing fired, but Karadjov saved.

In the following minutes, the two teams offered a tough fight at Hristo Botev Stadium, missing the goals. Arda coach Stamen Belchev enrolled Rumyan Hovsepyan at the expense of Darren Sidoel to move the game into offensive pitch.

In the 83rd minute Botev could also score a fourth goal in Arda’s net. Peter Atanasov centers from a corner kick where Petkov Ganev soars above all and shoots his head, but his shot hits the right side pillar.

In response to the guest attack, an excellent opportunity opened up in front of Ilisha Sam’s reserve. The attacker was able to shoot from close range, but his shot went past the right side pillar of Hristo Mitov.

Botev Vratsa continued to act with confidence in the closing minutes of the match when Ivaylo Mihaylov fired a solid shot from distance in the hands of Ivan Karadjov. It was also the last more interesting action on the pitch. In this way, the physicians were ranked 12th in the ranking with the Danube, while Arda ranked 9th and moved away from the Top 6.


1: 0 N’Diye 3

1: 1 Kovachev 19

2: 1 Ganev 27

3: 1 Milanov 65


Hristo Mitov, Alasane N’Diye, Angel Lyaskov, Atanas Zekhirov, Ventsislav Kerchev, Vladislav Uzunov, Daniel Genov, Iliya Milanov, Petko Ganev, Peter Atanasov, Tom

Coach: Antony Zdravkov


Ivan Karadjov, Zoran Gaich, Ilias Hasani, Stoicho Atanasov, Matheus Leonie, Emil Martinov, Darren Sidoel, Alexander Georgiev, Svetoslav Kovachev, Rumen Rumenov, Spas Delev

Coach: Stamen Belchev

See judge: Radoslav Gidenov

Assistants: Stanimir Ilkov, Miroslav Zhelev

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