Borst reveals PSV revelation about Van Bommel and Gerbrands: ‘Everyone heard it’


Hugo Borst has more information about the clash between Mark van Bommel and Ronald Waterreus at PSV. The Algemeen Dagblad reported on Saturday that the two club icons got the stick together on Monday evening during Jong PSV – Excelsior.

Borst is amazed that PSV is on fire. “I am really amazed. It goes on every day. Every day something new is added,” he says The Honor Stand on FOX Sports. “Monday evening during Jong PSV – Excelsior, Waterreus and Van Bommel were yelling at each other. Waterreus had said ugly things about Van Bommel (at Rondo, ed.) The day before. They just didn’t get along well. That’s PSV unworthy ? “

“I have noticed a lot of spraying. They both participate. I think Van Bommel is blamed for a lot of things. hoodies were at the door after PSV – FC Twente called Toon Gerbrands that it is all Van Bommel’s fault. ”
“Toon is someone who writes many books in which you learn that you need to use your mind. How do you manage? By also being cool in crisis situations. If you call in front of it that it’s all Van Bommel’s fault, while everyone can listen … He has called out more bad things. For example, Van Bommel is leaking to the media. “

Waterreus registered this week the Limburger that Van Bommel is engaged in a ‘trench war’ with the aim of overthrowing Gerbrands and technical director John de Jong. “PSV’s constant dirt spraying doesn’t fit. The lid is off and it just doesn’t stop. It’s dirty and dirty,” says Borst.
“Gerbrands is also taking part. It also has its informants. It Eindhovens Dagblad is extremely informed, it is said, because the relationship between Gerbrands and that newspaper is so good. Everyone is leaking. It is about time that someone says sand over it and continue


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