Blue Bulgaria Trust: A bow to Her Majesty the audience of Levski


Levski’s public has already purchased more than 3,000 subscription cards for Georgi Asparuhov Stadium, Blue Bulgaria Trust reported.

“A tribute to Her Majesty Levski’s audience. The queues are not stopping right now! Can we have more?”, Wrote the Trust on Facebook.

“Draconian” security measures before the Eternal Derby

“There may be temporary traffic disruption in the central city area”

The Blue Bulgaria Trust, the National Supporters Club (NCP) and PFC Levski have already fulfilled their first goal – 2020 cards, today or Monday they will fulfill the second one – 3333 cards, and the donation campaign on the account of the team does not stop. In addition, there will also be mobile cash collecting boxes at the stadium on Saturday.

The purpose of the “blue” is to provide BGN 143 thousand a month for the contributions to the National Revenue Agency (NRA). Late last night the club announced that in just a few days 88706.37 BGN were received at the cashier, and today at 19:14 the information will be updated.

The National Palace of Culture also organizes a large procession of fans at 12 o’clock tomorrow from Todor Alexandrov Street to Vasil Levski Stadium.

Svetoslav Burkanichkov: Levski will beat CSKA 2: 1

Svetoslav Burkanichkov: Levski will beat CSKA 2: 1

“I’ll watch the match on TV”

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