Blago Georgiev throws a bomb: Buy a football club – BG Football – efbet League


Former footballer Blagoi Georgiev threw a bomb in an interview with A player who has completed his career in 2017 has admitted that he wants to buy a club.

“I go to the gym every day, play football. I’m in great shape.

I help my wife promote her business, but she is responsible for everything. For me, football always comes first. Now I have a goal that I hope will come true in the summer.

I want to buy a club. Don’t ask me which country. You’ll learn everything when it’s official. It’s too early for specifics, the former footballer announced.

Georgiev also admits that he works for a football agency.

“I am a consultant and investor there. We work more with foreign football players. It is good that during my career I was able to make good connections,” Georgiev concluded.

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