Beyond the dream ….!; Will Messi and Cristiano play together? | Christiano Ronaldo


Will Lionel Messi leave Barcelona with Barcelona Football Director Eric Abidal? The football paparazzi have unleashed huge propaganda that Messi will leave the club and move on to Juventus and play with Cristiano. According to the contract, Lionel Messi will be allowed to leave Barcelona in 2021 and play at any other club.

It has been rumored that English club Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola is in the process of acquiring Messi. However, Pep denied this yesterday. Former Barcelona coach Messi’s mentor and mentor, Gipp Guardiola, has indicated that if Messi leaves Bar അതുa it will be a huge blow to the Catalan club.

English Summary: Will Ronaldo and Messi play-together


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