Berghuis: “It depends on the chance, but I do have that ambition”


The English adventure at Watford ended in disappointment, but Steven Berghuis would like to make another attempt in the long term. The Feyenoord captain said that at a futsal tournament in Rotterdam-Noord, where RTV Rijnmond was also present.

To the question of some children what his ambitions are, Berghuis replies: “I would like to play in a foreign competition anyway. It depends on the chance, but I do have that ambition. I am also very happy with Feyenoord, so it must be very beautiful. ”
Berghuis made the move from AZ to Premier League club Watford in 2015, but he hardly had any chances in London. After nine official games, the attacker was let to Feyenoord, which permanently annexed him in 2017. The sixteen-fold international of the Dutch national team now bears the captain’s band in De Kuip.

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