Beltrame: I played for Juve with Buffon and Pirlo, my biggest success is the transfer to CSKA


CSKA’s new addition Stefano Beltrame interviewed on TV +’s Code Sport.

In the relatively quiet transfer window in our country, the “army” made the most intriguing purchase. At the end of January, a footballer came to the Bulgarian Army, which for the past eight and a half years was owned by the Italian Grand Juventus.

For the second time, the Reds headed to Italy to find an offensive midfielder to conduct the team’s game. In the summer, Diego Fabrini did not accomplish this difficult task and left quickly.

Now it is time to see what the footballer who coached with the famous Gigi Buffon, Cristiano Ronaldo and company will do. Legionnaire is not an unknown mission for him.

For four years he has played in the Dutch Dan Bosch and Gaw Ahed Eagles, for which he has more than 100 matches. In the last half year he was part of Juve’s second team.

– Hello, Stefano! You haven’t been to CSKA for a long time, but did you manage to adapt?

– Thank you for welcoming me. I am very happy to be here. I adapt quickly to the new team. This is thanks to teammates and coaches, generally the club staff. I’m really happy to be in CSKA.– There is really no time for adaptation, and the first game is against Levski on February 15. What did you learn about our big derby?

– I realized it was the most important game of the year. I don’t know if I could compare it to ours in Italy. It may be like Juventus – Inter, but it is probably different. Everyone says it’s an eternal derby. I will do my best and I hope to be a noticeable part of him.

– You played CSKA control after only one training session. Shall we know that you are in excellent condition?

– Yes, I’m completely ready. I trained with Juventus before and my condition is excellent. I continue to cook.

– You are briefly in Bulgaria, but what were your first impressions of CSKA, Sofia and Bulgaria?

– I have not seen downtown Sofia or anything else in the city yet. So far, I’ve been camping in Marbella with my teammates. I have read that Sofia is a beautiful city and I want to see it soon. The team is fantastic. From the very first day, they made me feel at home. I get along with everyone and thank them.

– Have you been to Bulgaria before?

– No, this is my first time.

– What did you know about Bulgaria and CSKA before the offer came?

– I knew that CSKA was the best and most successful team in Bulgaria. There are most titles. In Italy, everyone knows CSKA. When this opportunity came up, I immediately said “Yes.”

– Do you remember the stars who played in CSKA?

– Yes, I know Berbatov and Stoichkov. I think they are the two biggest.

– How did you decide to accept the offer?

– CSKA is an ambitious club, playing in the first division. I’m also a very ambitious person. I set myself high goals and this coincides with those of the club.

– Your favorite team is Juventus. Did you know that he was eliminated from CSKA in the European Champions Tournament?

“I didn’t know that.

– It was a long time ago. In 1960. CSKA won by 4: 1.

– Okay, that’s very nice.

“It is a very distant memory indeed. What are your personal ambitions in Bulgaria?

– I want to do my best and CSKA to win. I will try not to disappoint any of our fans in Bulgaria.

– CSKA played a lot of Italians. Do you know any of them?

– No, I don’t know anyone personally. The other day, someone at the club told me there were some. The last was Diego Fabrini. Only his name can be named.

– Who advises you to come to CSKA?

– I spoke with the sports director Cristiano Jarrett. He was the boss in Novara when I was very young. The Juve people contacted him, my agent, and discussed the possibility. I quickly accepted.

– CSKA has lost all its controls in Spain. Can this bother fans and you as football players? Or will you tell us that these are just friendly matches?

– No, no, it always makes a bad impression when you have lost all matches. We need to work harder and harder. But fans shouldn’t have to worry about these results. We feel comfortable and train hard.

– Do you know the competition in the Bulgarian Championship?

“I only know some things. I know Levski best, because this is our next opponent. I like to analyze those we play against. But gradually – week after week. When the match against Levski is over, I will concentrate on our next opponent.

– Winning the Bulgarian Cup seems a more realistic goal for CSKA. Do you think the title is a possible mission?

– I think in football everything is possible. We are required to work and play at a high level and believe in ourselves.

– CSKA fans have high expectations of you. What should they be? What would you say to them?

“I promise to do my best on the pitch. For fans, for a T-shirt, for the city, for anyone who loves CSKA. I will be given a hundred percent and I hope they are pleased.

– What type of player are you?
– Typical number 10. I like to play behind the attackers. I like to be all over the field, getting the ball, finding spaces, making assists.

– What is your best quality?

– My speed. It gives me pleasure to run over the defenders. I think speed gives me an edge over rivals.

“Who is your idol?”

– Kaka.

“Isn’t Roberto Baggio?”

– No, no – Kaka.

– Tell us more about yourself. How did you get started with football?

“I was only five years old and followed the path of my brother, who is two years older.

– Is he a football player too?

-Yes, but he plays in an amateur team in my town. I was with him to watch training. The mentor invited me to play because one was missing from his team. From that day my football career began. It was very emotional. I decided to become a football player.

– Did you train other sports?

– I like tennis and basketball, but I’ve never coached them.

– How did you go to Juventus?

– At that time I was in Novara and from Juve contacted the club. When I realized they wanted me, I couldn’t believe it. I immediately accepted. Juve is the largest club in Italy.

– Antonio Conte is the coach who invited you to the first team. What was the feeling?

– Something incredible. It is a real dream to train with such players – Andrea Pirlo, Gianluigi Buffon, Paul Pogba, Marquizio and everyone else. It was very emotional. These three months with them remain unforgettable for me.

– You only have eight minutes for Juventus in Serie A. Why didn’t you have to take longer?

– I am so proud that I had the chance to play even one Serie A match for Juve. It was January 26, 2016. I don’t know why I didn’t get a chance anymore.

“How often do you dream about these eight minutes?”

– This is the greatest day of my life so far. I have been a Juventus fan since I was little and my dream came true.

– What were your teammates in those minutes?

“I entered as Marquisio’s reserve. There were Giovinco, Vucinic, Pogba, Vidal … All star players.

– In the last decade, Juventus has been hegemonic in Italian football. Who is the most special player on the team this decade? You mentioned Buffon, Pirlo, now it’s Cristiano Ronaldo …

“At this point, I choose Ronaldo. But when I was younger and trained with the team, it was Pirlo. He was on another level.

“What is it like to train with Ronaldo?” In Bulgaria we saw pictures of your general activities …

– An incredible football player. And now he is showing that he can be the best again. He always trains 100 percent. Everyone would like to have his mentality.

– Is there a team that can stop Juventus’ dominance?

– I do not think. This year Inter is a good team with Conte at the helm. He does a great job. But Juventus generally has more.

– Juve’s big goal is to win the Champions League. When could it happen again? It’s been too long since the last triumph.

“Hopefully soon.” Everyone at the club is eager to win it again. I believe that the time is coming when the Champions League Cup will be in Turin again.

– Inter will play against Ludogorets in the 1/16-finals of the Europa League. Do you think “nerazur” will have problems?

“I think they might have.” I have watched some videos of Ludogorets and this is a good team, they are hard to beat. It is never easy to win European tournaments. Inter need not think he has qualified.

– You played a lot in the Netherlands. What experience did you gain there?

– I can only say nice things about the Netherlands. I spent three wonderful years there.

– Is there a big difference between football in Italy and the Netherlands?

– Yes, it’s big. It’s much more tactical and physical in Italy. In the Netherlands, much more lies in freedom in football, in the imagination of the pitch.

– In Den Bosch you had a Bulgarian teammate. Do you remember him?

– Yes, Stefan Velkov.

– How did you get along?

– Stefan is a great boy. He works a lot in training and matches. An incredible boy with a good future.

– Did you ask him about CSKA?

– Yes, I called him. He said to me, “Go now!”

– What is the biggest success of your career?

– Now! Transfer to CSKA Sofia. Because I will play in the first division. It was my dream.

– You played in the junior national team of Italy. What are your biggest matches?

– I participated in qualifications for the European Under-19s. Most of my teammates now venture into Serie A.

– Do you hope one day Roberto Mancini will invite you to the first team of Italy?

– It will always be my dream to play for the national team, this is a dream for every football player.

– Can CSKA become a stepping stone for a bigger transfer in your career?

– I want to play well and this could happen.

– How long have you been in Bulgaria?

– I do not know. I have a year and a half contract and I will definitely be here during this period. We’ll see, maybe more.

– You’ve undergone heart surgery. What happened?

“It was a very mild operation, nothing special. At times my heart would sometimes beat faster than usual. The operation was successful and now I feel great.

– You were born on February 8th. Did you know that a very famous Bulgarian football player was born on the same date?

– No I do not know. Who is he?

– Hristo Stoichkov.

– Oh, great! I feel proud of this fact.


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