“Belgian corona patient within virus-free days, no reason to panic”


One Belgian, who has been in Wuhan in China in recent weeks, was diagnosed with the virus yesterday. He was taken directly to the Saint Peter’s Hospital in Brussels, one of the two so-called reference centers in the country that specialize in this type of virus.

Virus free within days

According to De Block, the infected person is in good health and does not show any symptoms of disease. After a few days, he or she will be virus-free, reported a virologist who was present at the press conference. The person will have to stay in quarantine for the full two weeks.

The other eight Belgians who returned from China with the infected person will be in quarantine in a military hospital for the next 14 days. After a night in separate rooms, they can now have mutual contact again.

No reason to panic

They are tested daily to see if they are also infected with the corona virus. The virologist considers that chance very small. The first tests were negative, and it is expected that it will stay that way.

De Block says there is no reason to panic. As long as the measures that normally apply to the flu season are adhered to, nothing is wrong. That means sneezing into handkerchiefs, wash your hands well and stay home if you feel sick.

However, people who have recently been to China and are suffering from cold symptoms are advised to have their GP examined.


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