Belarus receives a special Russian offer on oil


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Russian oil companies have proposed to Belarus a new pricing model whereby oil exporters’ profits are reduced by $ 2 per year in proportion to the reduction in export duties.

“A model has been proposed that takes into account the reduction of oil export duties, that is, the reduction of insurance premiums by about $ 2 per ton per year, which is commensurate with the reduction in export duties,” Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak said.

Previously, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the Russian government will provide various forms of support for Minsk’s work with Russian oil producing companies.

Belarus said on Friday that Russia had proposed to compensate Minsk for the cost of tax changes related to Russian oil supplies in 2019.

It is noteworthy that the Union State Russia – Belarus was established on April 2, 1997 as an important geopolitical project that stems from the efforts of my leadership and people of Belarus and Russia to achieve more political and economic integration, on the basis of the Treaty of Russian-Belarusian Unity of 1996.

This project aims to organize a unified space for the two countries in the political, economic, military, customs and financial (foreign currency), legal, humanitarian and cultural fields.


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